We are NOT your typical construction company. Our owner, Mike, grew up in a home with a father who was a gifted professional in furniture and finishes, and who built and improved several houses over his life. Mike exercised an engineering degree for several decades but eventually returned to his roots and entered the building business in the sunspace arena. His background in heat-transfer, materials and properties of light proved to be helpful for those who wanted to invest in the joys of owning a sunroom. This lead to creating our first business, called Sun Structures, in 1997, specializing in enclosures, sunrooms and the like. 

As the market for additions and sunrooms lessened in the mid 2000s, we shifted our focus into basic maintenance and façade upgrades for home marketability. As homes sat unsold, the demand for interior upgrades increased and we began Building Integrity to fulfill that need for nicer bathrooms and kitchens, especially as the Boomers asked for more safety and accessibility. The list of capabilities now covers nearly every square foot of a house; and if we can’t help you, we will direct you to someone who can. 

Coming into construction from a technical perspective means we constantly search the horizon for new technology that can be applied to your home to make it more energy-efficient (comfort at less cost), durable (less maintenance) and less prone to long-term problems like leaky basement walls, roofs or windows. These are all elements of "green building". There are many sustainable, engineered materials in our designs. We have always had your well-being in mind, promoting the use of low-VOC adhesives, and plywood versus off-gassing particle board in your home, way before the industry started talking about it. 

By taking advantage of our innovative approaches, you are going to receive the best value, ie: the "biggest bang for the buck". Our commitment to low overhead costs also keeps BI very competitive. Having a fancy street-front office or splashy advertisement, works against offering you a good price...someone has to pay for those things. Good, Honest Service, at a fair price is what we are about. 

We also show our respect to you in the choice of craftsmen we bring into your home. Most of our guys have been with us for over a decade.  You can be comforted knowing we have "family friendly" workers, who will treat your home like they do their own. 

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