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We Care
You seek the highest value from your home investment dollar, with a pleasant experience. Our goal is to deliver these qualities in a package of virtue, honesty and moral character our name
implies. You will receive professional construction services, applied with sound engineering principles. Upon completion, you will own a home improvement that will have your family and friends talking.

We Can Relate 
Way back in '91, our owner’s family became motivated to add on to their 600 sq. ft. 1930's cottage to make room for a baby. Managing the building seemed like a good idea to save money, so he got a line of credit, found a few subcontractors and charged ahead. Well...over the next (too many) months, he came to realize there is A LOT to know about remodeling, and gained an appreciation for the value of a licensed and experienced person guiding the way and making the dozens of on-going decisions.  He experienced firsthand the frustrations, inconvenience and danger created when a building project is not well planned and executed.

We bring our empathy and understanding of the emotions that are experienced before and during construction to bear upon your project. We will do all we can to create an atmosphere of trust and confidence, so you can relax, knowing we have your success foremost in our minds.

We Have the Process to Succeed
Building Integrity offers the essential ingredients for your remodeling success. Our method of delivering great receiving building services evolves around you. A multi-step system has been honed over the years, ensuring our successful practices are repeated on your job. This experience, along with good communication, has proved to be a key in receiving  positive referrals from the several hundred projects we have completed over the years.

We Have The Team
A chain is no stronger than its weakest link. Our dedicated team of tradesmen has been gleaned over our 14 years . Here is a quick rundown of some of our team you may see during your project:

Jim:  Lead carpenter
Steve M:  HVAC
Art:  Glass structures and enclosures                                                 
Laura:  Design and IT
Steve H:  Licensed master plumber
Mike:  Sales, design, permit application, project coordination
Dave:  Master electrician

We Are Accountable
This means that if you ever have a problem with work done by Building Integrity, you need only call 
(248) 625-9118 to have your question answered or issue resolved.  We love it when our customers call us back years after the job, to ask for advice on how to solve a new building-related question.  You always have access to our myriad of resources and experience as part of our family of happy and satisfied customers.